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My name is Andrew Cooke and I run Blue Sky GPS which brings you the Blue Sky GPS Executive Insights blog. Here we look to provide you with regular, practical, thought-leadership that you can use to improve your leadership effectiveness and to raise organizational performance.

Through the blog you can share the latest ideas, insights, tools, techniques and experiences not only from Blue Sky GPS, but also other leading commentators including Marshall Goldsmith with whom Andrew Cooke is closely allied with as an associate coach in the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching (MGSCC) process for successful executives.  Marshall has been recognized by Harvard Business Review as the #1 Executive Coach and #7 Business Thinker globally, and is the author of many leading business books.

I am passionate about helping successful executives become more successful and, in doing so, to help them help others and their teams become more successful in turn. In doing this leadership is shared, cascaded and the skills, competencies and capabilities of the organization grown and leveraged.

This blog is not storefront but a forum and we encourage you to share your ideas, insights and experiences with others; to ask questions of the community; and to help others to help you in growing and developing each other.

I look forward to seeing you here, and I hope you enjoy the shared thought-leadership – and don’t to forget to share what you find with others!

All the best, Andrew

To find out more and discuss this and other ways to improve leadership effectiveness and organizational performance further contact Andrew Cooke (MGSCC), call Andrew Cooke on +61 (0)401 842 673 or andrew.cooke@business-gps.com.au

You can also find further insights and a wealth of material on business and leadership on Andrew’s other blog – Growth & Profit Solution Blog. There are also a large number of resources at his Blue Sky GPS Website, and these can be found at Blue Sky GPS Resources.

About Andrew Cooke & Blue Sky GPS (Growth & Profit Solutions)

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